Women's Visibility Banners

We are excited to follow Girl Scout Troop 66265 as they coordinate an initiative to make women's contributions to Lexington more visible. Troop members are working to bring a new set of banners to the light posts in Lexington. They hope to gain approval from the Select Board to have them up in 2021, in time for Women's Equality Day 2021. 

Winter 2021

Members of Girl Scout Troop 66265 visited the Suffragist Installation in Town Center to learn more about the ways Lexington activists participated in the 70 year struggle to obtain the right to vote.

Scouts also studied the built environment as they prepare designs for 2021 Visibility Banners.

Girl Scouts CVS window March 2021 IMG_09
LexSeeher Girl Scouts Clarke House.JPG

Fall 2020

Members of Girl Scout Troop 66265 have spent the past year learning about women in different eras in Lexington's history. Visits included a trip to the Hancock-Clarke House.

Summer 2020

Members of Girl Scout Troop 66265 visit with Stacey Fraser from Lexington Historical Society to learn more about the women featured in the special exhibit "Something Must Be Done: BOLD Women of Lexington."

Stacey Fraser and Scouts.png