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The LexSeeHer Digital Quilt Project

LexSeeHer proudly presents our Digital Quilt Project to honor the collaborative spirit and strength of Lexington women across time. 

We thank those who participated in our five month open nomination period for bringing extraordinary women to our attention.

As political leaders, athletes, educators, activists, architects, and more, spectacular women have improved our community and country. 

Thank you to the many "Heroine" donors who accepted our invitation to select a special woman they wished to nominate as an honoree in our Founders Quilt.* 

LexSeeHer selected seven exceptional nominees (including historical and contemporary figures) to honor in our first visibility project:
Anne Grady, Ann Solomon Burdoo, Celeste Freeman, Elizabeth "Bettie" Hewitt Clarke, Ellen Dana, Janet Haas and Sarah Pillsbury Harkness. In addition, we selected members of the Wellington family to honor in a shared square that represents the way generations of women in one family passed along a commitment to work for community and social justice, from abolition to woman suffrage.  Each honoree is inspirational and has made significant contributions to Lexington.


See a larger version of the Founders Quilt here (note it may take time to load the higher resolution photo).

To see the honorees, explore our Founders Quilt Guide. To add information about an honoree, email:

Quilting is an important art form and the trio of LexSeeHer Founder Squares were designed and sewn by Lexington quilter Martha Wood. Learn more about the women who collaborated to make this quilt!

*Founders who have not yet made a square selection should email for details to be added to a future quilt.

New squares available beginning Fall 2021. Donate now to reserve a spot on our next quilt!

Vistaprint Postcard Quilt FILE SMALL.png


Our first version of the LexSeeHer Quilt was unveiled July 4, 2021.

A large-scale printed version was shown at the 2021 Women's Visibility Banner Celebration.


As the number of Founders increased, the quilt grew to the expanded size revealed August 17, 2021.

LexSeeHer Quilt Final Web.jpg
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