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LexSeeHer thanks the generous individuals, families, organizations and businesses who take action when they see that “Something Must Be Done" to make women visible! Across America, fewer than 7% of monuments include representations of women - and even fewer include women of color. LexSeeHer is doing our part to be the change we want to see in the world - a world where women are seen, heard, and celebrated!

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Donations prior to before June 18, 2021

Founders boldly stepped forward before June 18, 2021 during the initial part of this monumental effort because they believed "Something Must Be Done" to make women visible in Lexington, Massachusetts.

Link to Founders


Donations between June 19, 2021 -July 25, 2022

The Plaza Patron campaign raised money
to help fund an expanded granite plaza to accommodate a larger number of visitors and promote
accessibility. The campaign formally launched March 4, 2022 however, donations received
between June 19, 2021 and July 25, 2022 are credited to the Plaza Campaign.

Link to Plaza Patrons


Donations between February 2023 - December 2023

The Sweetheart Campaign launched on Galentine’s Day and Valentine’s Day 2023 to fund budget increases caused by inflation, COVID, and shortages in materials and labor. 

Link to Sweetheart Campaign Donors


Generosity and volunteers keep this exciting monument project in motion! 

To donate, please visit our Donate page.

You can donate via GoFundMe or via PayPal.

I recently donated, but don't see my name listed. When will I see it?

It may take a full week (or so) for names to appear on this list. Email

My name isn't listed correctly, how can I have this fixed?

PayPal and GoFundMe do not always provide LexSeeHer, Inc. with full names.

Please email

and our Team will take care of fixing the listing so it reflects your name properly.

I'd like my listing to be changed to include household family members, how can I do this?

If you prefer a different way to have your name appear, please email

Can I make a gift in someone's name?

LexSeeHer is glad to list honorary gifts, and can mail a special certificate to an honoree.

I'd like my child to be listed, is this possible?

With a guardian or parent's written permission, we will list children's names under the age of 18.

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