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2022: Lexington Girl Scout Troops 63054, 67318, 66265 collaborated with LexSeeher to make women's contributions to Lexington, MA visible through a historic art form: the silhouette. This was the second year of the project, which originated with Troop 66265 from 2020 - 2021 and recognized 42 significant women whose stories were seldom told. The 2021 banners were on view along Massachusetts Avenue from July - October 2021. The 2022 banners were on display at Cary Library through September 8th, and a reception for honorees was held on August 17. The banners were on view along Massachusetts Avenue for the last week of February and the start of Women's History Month in March 2024. Thank you to everyone who nominated an important and special woman. There are many women worthy of recognition in every community! 

Nominations are open again! Nominate a woman here:

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LexSeeHer Cary Library 2022 Banner event  IMG_1039.jpg
LexSeeHer Cary library group IMG_1068 2.JPG

July 2021 - October 2021

Looking Back: Research and Design

The 2021 Women's Visibility Banners were displayed in Lexington Center. More than 42 amazing women were honored. Women have always made contributions to our community. The Girl Scout - LexSeeHer collaboration made women visible!

LexSeeHer banner IMG_1186.JPG

June 2021

Girl Scouts checked each banner as they arrived from the printers. Banners are approximately 5' tall. They look much smaller when they are displayed on the lamp posts in Lexington Center!

Each banner features at least two women, one on each side of the banner. Some banners include two women on one side of the banner. One banner represents the Indigenous women who lived on the land now known as Lexington. LexSeeHer seeks to tell many untold stories. Join us! 

LexSeeHer Banner IMG_2105.jpg
LexSeeHer banner IMG_3074.JPG

Spring 2021

The art of the silhouette allowed each participant to capture elements of clothing that the honorees wore at specific milestone moments during their lifetime. A hat, hemline or prop can help convey important meaning.

Here, a hat, a book, and a period  style skirt help convey an impression of Alice Cary.

Winter 2021

Members of Girl Scout Troop 66265 visited LexSeeHer's Suffragist Installation in Town Center to learn more about the ways Lexington activists participated in the 70 year struggle to obtain the right to vote.

Scouts also studied the built environment as they prepare designs for 2021 Visibility Banners.

Girl Scouts CVS window March 2021 IMG_09

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