Women's Visibility Banners

Banners are back for 2022 and stay tuned for this year's activities!
Girl Scout Troop 63054 will be working with Troop 66265 this year, to help make women's contributions to Lexington, MA visible.

2022 Nominations are closed. Thank you to everyone who nominated a wonderful woman!

LexSeeHer is exceptionally grateful to the members of Girl Scout Troop 66265 for their work initiating the 2021 Women's Visibility Banners. Troop 66265 coordinated a 17-month project to make women's contributions to Lexington more visible, leading to the beautiful display of more than 42 significant women in Lexington Center from July 2021 - October 2021. 

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July 2021 - October 2021

The 2021 Women's Visibility Banners are on display in Lexington Center. Check both sides of each banner to learn about more than 42 amazing women. Women have always made contributions to our community. It's time to make them visible!

Pre-1800        1800s

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Looking back: Research and design

June 2021

The banners arrive and are approximately 5' tall. (They look much smaller when they are posted on the lamp posts in Lexington Center!) 

Each banner features at least two women, one on each side of the banner. Some banners include two women on one side of the banner. One banner represents the Indigenous women who lived on the land now known as Lexington. We seek to tell many untold stories. Join us! 

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Spring 2021

The art of the silhouette allowed each participant to capture elements of clothing that the honorees wore at specific milestone moments during their lifetime. A hat, hemline or prop can help convey important meaning.

Here, a hat, a book, and a period

style skirt help convey an impression of Alice Cary.

Winter 2021

Members of Girl Scout Troop 66265 visited the Suffragist Installation in Town Center to learn more about the ways Lexington activists participated in the 70 year struggle to obtain the right to vote.

Scouts also studied the built environment as they prepare designs for 2021 Visibility Banners.

Girl Scouts CVS window March 2021 IMG_09
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Fall 2020

Members of Girl Scout Troop 66265 have spent the past year learning about women in different eras in Lexington's history. Visits included a trip to the Hancock-Clarke House.

Summer 2020

Members of Girl Scout Troop 66265 visit with Stacey Fraser from Lexington Historical Society to learn more about the women featured in the special exhibit "Something Must Be Done: BOLD Women of Lexington."

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Spring 2020

Members of Girl Scout Troop 66265 joined in at the official kick-off for LexSeeHer on International Women's Day: March 8, 2020. International Women's Day helps shine a spotlight on the global economic, political and social condition of women and LexSeeHer set a goal of making women visible.