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Every gift makes women visible!

LexSeeHer, Inc. is an all-volunteer organization. We are a registered 501(c)(3) and donations are tax-deductible to the extent provided by law.

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LexSeeHer, Inc.

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LexSeeHer, Inc.

P.O. Box 639

Lexington, MA 02420

Thank you for your support!

Your contribution makes women visible!
Your contribution makes it possible to establish a permanent monument to recognize women's economic, political, intellectual, social and cultural contributions. We anticipate unveiling the monument on May 15, 2024.

We appreciate your support. 

If you have questions, email us at

Become a Supporter during the LexSeeHer Sweetheart CampaignHelp bring Meredith Bergmann's monument "Something Is Being Done" to the Birthplace of American Liberty. This is the first Lexington monument to recognize women, spotlighting more than 20 women and girls across 300 years of the town's HERstory. Quick links to pitch in:   GoFundMe    PayPal   

Thank you to the growing list of Sweetheart Campaign Donors ​and to those who contributed to the LexSeeHer Founders Campaign and Plaza Patrons Campaign.

Sweetheart Campaign Donors

Alan Sherman

Alan Strauss

Alissa Lauzon

Amit Das

Amy Garbis

Ann Keenan

Ashley Rooney & Peter Lund

Barbara Katzenberg

Beth and Alan Levine

Betty Gau and David Warburton

Bruce Lynn

Bryan Phillips (Bradford Phillips)

Carla Hoehn

Cheryl Fouche

Cindy Woolworth (Cynthia Woolworth)

Cindy Woolworth (Swampyvista)

Corinne L Steigerwald

Corinne L Steigerwald

Cynthia Bobrow

Cynthia E Arens (Fidelity Charitable)

Daily total

Deborah and David Brown (Morgan Stanley Global Impact Funding Trust)

Debra Heaton

Debra Heaton or Debra Heaton & Rod Cole?

Eileen Zalisk

Elisa Ann Adams

Faith Lin and Weidong Wang (Weidong Wang)

Francine Stieglitz

Girl Scouts of Eastern MA - Troop #67318

Gregg Hunt, Ahern & Embry

Innessa Manning and Karthik Ramanathan (Fidelity Charitable)

Jamie Wood

Jane A Trudeau (Fidelity Brokerage Services LL, Retirement Distribution Check, Gross Distribution)

Jean W. Barry

Jeffrey Leonard

Jenifer Swirnoff

Jennifer Lisle

Jill Smilow

Jonathan Dombrosky

Karen Berman-Mulligan

Katherine Sperling

Kathryn Fields

Kathryn Jacob

Kathryn Roy

Lauren Kennedy & Ryan Kilgore

Leigh-Ann Durant Strategic Consulting, LLC

LexArt (Michael Lawson)

Libby Shafer (Elizabeth Shafer)

Lisa Lunskaya Gordon (reAnimation Studios)

Liz Dang Ryan (Liz Ryan Monstah Potion Book)

Liz Perry (Elizabeth Perry)

Marcia J. Marble

Maritza Pachano

Martha & Jim Wood

Mary Ellen Ringo

Mary Haskell

Mary Keenan

Masha Traber

Masha Traber or M Masha Traber and Bernhard H Metzer?

Melanie Lin

Melanie Lin

Michael John Barrett, Barrett for State Senate

Michael Segal (Lifelong Learners)

Michelle Tran (Mai-Huong Tran)

Minakshi Singal

Molly Nye (Mary Nye)

Muffie Martin (Martha Martin)

Name (Paypal name / Name on check)

Nancy White

No Receipt! per instructions from Fidelity and Morgan Stanley

Patricia Y Manhard

Paula and Ron Perry (Ronald Perry)

Peter Lund & Ashley Rooney (Elizabeth Rooney)

Receipt (acknowledgement letter)

Ricky Lightfoot

Robert and Wendy Reasenberg (Fidelity Charitable, donor advised fund)

Robin and Gerry Paul (Gerald Paul)

Ruth Thomas

Sarah Higginbotham

Shreya Kesarwani (Ravi Kesarwani)

Susan Shnidman

Susan Shnidman or Schnidman?

Suzanne Reasenberg & Larry Osgood

Suzanne Reasenberg and Larry Osgood

The Wen and Moellmann Family

Tina McBride (Tina Taylor)

Tina Taylor or Tina McBride?


Valerie Overton

Victoria Buckley

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