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We Remember the Ladies:
Creating Aprons For Tableaux To Honor Lexington's Women

Join us! Sew or sponsor an apron for the LexSeeHer Apron Project.   
Wear your apron to the 2022 Spinning Tableau on Saturday August 27th


We have the recipe for the historically curious and textile enthusiasts: 

A length of linen fabric, cotton twill tape, needle and thread.

Helpful videos show you how to make a historically accurate apron, and you can wear it to take part in our 2nd annual tableau event.

All ages welcome, and you can be a beginner!

Apron IMG_2085.JPG
Spinning Final maybe lovely JGS Tableau sun working IMG_3418.jpeg

Historic Aprons

We are creating 18th century aprons to remember Lexington women.
We are sewing one apron of remembrance to honor every known enslaved woman or girl who lived in Lexington. Too many stories have been erased. You can help.

We are sewing a set of 45 aprons to represent the 44 anonymous women who gathered in Lexington at the home of Anna Harrington in defiance of their King. They assembled on August 31, 1769 to protest unjust taxes on imported linens. This act of political defiance was bold and brave. By supporting and implementing boycotts, Lexington women exerted economic influence in the years leading up to the Revolution.

Apron Hall of Fame

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