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Women's Visibility banners

Things are looking up for visibility of women in Lexington's historic center! The 2021 LexSeeHer Women's Visibility Banners will be officially unveiled July 22, 2021 at 6:00 p.m [date change 21->22 due to weather]. All welcome!  Meet by Buckman Tavern and help honor more than 40 women who have lifted up Lexington across time. Banners are the brilliant work of Girl Scout Troop 66265. Troop members have worked on this project for over a year, learning about many women as well as the art of the silhouette. Honorees were inspired by Lexington Historical Society's exhibit Something Must Be Done: BOLD Women of Lexington and a community nomination process.  More banners: 1700s, 1900s, 2000s.

UPDATE: the 2022 banners are here!

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