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LexSeeHer Heroine's Quilt - 2022

LexSeeHer is proud to share our 2022 Digital Heroines Quilt to honor women who have inspired community members through their hard work, creativity, leadership and team work: 

First row:

*Sharon Ann Finnerty Makulski

 dedicated by Erin Makulski Sandler Rathe

* Eleanor Sugarwoman

 dedicated by Victoria

* Pauli Murray

* Corinne Steigerwald

Second row:

*Geraldine Weathers

 dedicated by Mary Haskell

* Joann Gischwendtner

* Elizabeth Vaughan Scotney

 dedicated by Ann

* Sandhya Bahuguna

Third row:

* Jessie Steigerwald

 dedicated by Lauren Kennedy

* Carolyn Crow

 dedicated by Julie Krakauer

* Deborah Brown

* Helen "Nell" Walker

Fourth row:

* Suzanne Abair

* Joyce Miller


* Jean Hart

* Rev. Anne Mason

Fifth row:

* Florence A. Nugent

 dedicated by Marilyn & John McWeeney

* Vera Lane

* Robyn Piasecki

* Michelle Waters- Ekanem

 dedicated by Mary Haskell

2022 LexSeeHer Heroines Quilt.png

This quilt is made from original fabric squares sewn by Lexington's own Martha Wood. The digital Heroines Quilt was designed by Annie O'Donnell.


Thank you to the donors who contributed funds toward the LexSeeHer monument at the Seamstress level and above. Each was able to nominate a special woman to honor in the Heroines Digital Quilt. Some have included information about an honoree. We will continue to add information received. To add information about an honoree, email:

It may take time for this page to load. For a closer look, try zooming in on the quilt or using your menu bar to find "View" and then select an enlarged screen option. It may appear blurry while the high resolution photograph loads onto the page. You should then be able to view each square.

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