LexSeeHer, Inc. incorporated in December 2021
President, Jessie Steigerwald

Treasurer, Leslie Masson

Secretary, Michelle Tran

Assistant Treasurer, Betty Gau

Meet The Steering committee

lexseeher amber IMG_7418.JPG

Amber Iqbal

Monument Nomination Subcommittee

Communications Team - Social Media

Research Team, Events Team

""If we look to our past there were many talented women who made significant contributions in every field of life but are left unseen and unheard.

It's about time we change that!


Favorite statue: Fearless Girl

This statue depicts our future generation of strong girls who will stand strong against the bullies of the world who would try to bring them down! "

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Betty Gau

Speaker Series Chair

Communications Team
LexSeeHer Inc., Assistant Treasurer

"I enjoy history and learning from public monuments but woman's history is not available which leaves a significant gap."

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Humera Asif

Communications Team

"Too often women's contributions to the nation went unnoticed, together we can bring awareness and appreciation!"

Steering Committee

Jessie Steigerwald

LexSeeHer, Inc. President
Research Team Chair

In Her Shoes Lead & Website

Call to Artists, Artist Screening Subcommittee

"Women's contributions to our community and our country must be made visible in our built environment. How we shape the way women are seen will shape the future.

Equality can't wait."

judy alone.jpg

Judy Zola

Chair of Founders Fundraising Campaign

Events Team, Co-Chair

"Since women have been invisible for so long, it is time for women to be seen and heard, and for women and their contributions to be recognized.."

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Kamala Raj

Fundraising Team

Communications Team

Community Outreach

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Lauren Kennedy

Monument Nomination Subcommittee

Visibility Banners Lead

"Women have long been unrecorded in history. It's time to change that and show the girls of our town that women have made significant contributions to history."

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Leslie Masson

LexSeeHer, Inc. Treasurer
Research Team Lead

Fundraising Team

Call to Artists, Artist Screening Subcommittee

"Women hold up half the sky."

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MarthaLeticia Valencia

Events Team, Co-Chair

Fundraising Team

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Martha Wood

Fundraising Chair

Founder's Digital Team, Quilt Design

Artist Screening Subcommittee

Communications Team Lead

LexSeeHer Michelle IMG_6617.JPG

Michelle Tran

LexSeeHer, Inc. Secretary
Monument Nomination Subcommittee

Call to Artists

Artist Screening Subcommittee

Liaison with Lexington Historical Society

lexseeher Valerie Overton.jpg

Valerie Overton

"In the home, as educators,

as scientists, as activists, and so much more, women have been essential to building our community.

It's time to honor them!"

Communications Team Chair

Print Media Specialist

Our Former Members Helped Pass Article 7 at Fall Special Town Meeting 2020
lexseeher Lakshmi face.jpg

Lakshmi Juneja

LexSeeHer Ragini head shot.jpg

Ragini Pathak

"Lady Liberty is one of the United States' most famous symbols. But this female personification of freedom and hope stands virtually alone in a sea of male-centered monuments that dot the American landscape. Let's put women on the map."

LexSeeHer Bebe Headshot.JPG

Bebe Fallick

Favorite statue or monument: 

The Statue of Liberty for what it meant to my immigrant Mother and currently to her great-grandchildren.

Email to get connected: lexmonument@gmail.com