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As America prepares to celebrate the 250th Anniversary of the American Revolution, Lexington tells a more inclusive story about of women in every era. Women who had been forgotten, invisible, and erased, will now be seen and celebrated.  To visit, look for directions for Cary Memorial Library or 1875 Massachusetts Avenue. The monument is at the corner of Massachusetts Avenue and Meriam Street, on the lawn that is part of the Visitors Center and Buckman Tavern property. Ruth Buckman is one of the women recognized in the monument. On street parking available nearby, including around the Battle Green and in the Depot Square Parking lot. 

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Come to Lexington and gain a fresh perspective on U.S. His/HERstory! Explore what the concepts of “liberty” and “freedom" have meant for women from the 18th century to the present.

Some of the honorees you will learn about:

  • Margaret Tulip, who sued in court to secure her freedom from enslavement in 1768

  • Anna Harrington, who defied her King by hosting the 1769 Spinning Protest

  • Cate Chester, who spun a new direction for her family after negotiating her freedom

  • Abigail Harrington, who awoke her teen-aged son Jonathan on the morning of April 19, 1775 declaring "The Reg'lars are out and Something Must Be Done!"

  • Caroline Wellington, who echoed Abigail's words when she created an 1887 Lexington suffrage banner as part of a 70+ year effort to secure women's right to vote

  • Mary Elizabeth Miles Bibb, who attended the Lexington Normal School, and went on to flee to Canada after the 1850 Fugitive Slave Acts were passed

  • inspirational women from the 19th and 20th centuries who shattered glass ceilings in aviation, astrophysics, literature, elected office, architecture, social justice, and the arts.

Please consider becoming a Supporter!  Help make his/HERstory with a contribution to the "Something Is Being Done" monument. 

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