IT'S TIME TO see women in Lexington, MA 

LexSeeHer believes women's contributions should be celebrated in significant and important locations that are accessible!  On July 25, 2022 the Lexington Select Board voted unanimously in support of our proposal to site the Something Is Being Done! monument designed by Meredith Bergmann in the Birthplace of the American Liberty. This will be the town's first monument to recognize women in the central historic district.


We invite you to join this exciting adventure as a volunteer, and also appreciate financial support from our LexSeeHer Friends!


August 27th is Tableau Time in Lexington, MA.

1:00 - 3:00 p.m. Visitors Center Lawn & 3 Harrington Road

Rain date: Sun. Aug. 28th.

LexSeeHer is proud to partner with Lexington Historical Society and LexArt to shine a spotlight on the hidden stories in women's history with our August 27th Spinning Tableau. Back in August of '69 (1769) Anna Harrington lived alongside the Town Commons - the area we now know as the Battle Green. This was 5 years before the Battle. Lexingtonians were already frustrated with rising tariffs.

Anna Harrington hosted 45 "Ladies" in a Spinning Match. This form of economic and political protest called upon women to use the weapons at their disposal - community organizing, and the spinning wheels that had long before been set up in their attics.  In an act of defiance, women stepped outside their homes with spinning wheels, determined to demonstrate that they would rather spin their own textiles than pay the unjust taxes.


Join our Summer Sew Along and Spinning Tableau 8/27.

We provide supplies, tips, and tutorials, thanks to CEL's generous funding. Help us sew 45 linen aprons to remember the 45 courageous women who defied their King.

The Community of Endowment of Lexington has granted LexSeeHer special funding for supplies to create 45 aprons or the upcoming August 27th Spinning Tableau.


Join us Sat. Aug. 27 from 1:00 - 3:00 p.m. at 3 Harrington Road and the Visitors Center lawn! Activities and tableau. Celebrate women's history and untold stories with us!

To get involved, email us at

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The monument celebrates women's economic, political, intellectual, social and cultural contributions. Lexington women have made contributions to the community and country across three centuries.

Meredith Bergmann's design invites an exploration of the concepts of “liberty” and “freedom.” What have these ideals meant for women from the 18th century to the present?

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"Something Is Being Done!" Meredith Bergmann, Sketch 2022

LexSeeHer Preferred Site spring IMG_7176.JPG

MEREDITH BERGMANN selected by LexSeeHer as designer for new monument

Community reactions to Ms. Bergmann's elegant and inclusive monument design "Something Is Being Done!"

"Lovely design. Inspiring and uplifting."

"Exciting display. Love the fact we are celebrating women of Lexington! A nice area to sit and rest and reflect.

"Thank you for making history more complete - and so beautifully! Bravo to all."

Meredith Bergmann_Lexington Belfry.jpeg

From Celeste Freeman, LexSeeHer Advisory Board Member

LexSeeHer advisor and public school educator Celeste Freeman summed up her reaction to Meredith Bergmann’s concept this way: “‘And when I meet Thomas Jefferson, I’ma compel him to include women in the sequel!’ This musical line from Lin Manuel’s Hamilton has been reverberating in my mind when I think of how gates and gatekeepers are often used to keep people out both physically from spaces as well as the pages of what we think of as of known history. One of the exciting aspects of this project is that this gate is actually an invitation—an opening to everyone to visually see a more expansive view of what we think of as settled history. When I think of the role of generations of unsung women like my grandmothers who serve as both guardians and gatekeepers of history, I can’t think of a more meaningful and symbolic way to capture how our founding mothers have shaped our nation. I see it as a portal to the past, present, and future.”


2022 CALENDAR:​​ ​​​

  • 7/25  LexSeeHer Presentation at Select Board 

  • 7/27 Speaker Series
    Dr. Jyoti Puri, Sociologist and 2022 LexSeeHer Women's Visibility Banner Honoree

    Email: Register through Cary Library 

  • 7/27  Summer Sew Along 
    6:30 - 8:00 p.m.
    (unless raining!)


  • 8/3  Wed. Evening
    Summer Sew Along
    5:30 p.m. - 7:30 p.m. 

    Visitors Center lawn

  • 8/8 Mon. Evening
    Summer Sew Along 

    5:30 p.m. - 7:30 p.m. 
    Visitors Center lawn

  • 8/27 Spinning Tableau
    1:00 - 3:00 p.m.

  • 10/22  LexDoingGood
    10 am - 1 pm at the Lexington Community Center on Marrett Road, Lexington
    Organized by the Community Endowment of Lexington


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Thank you to our community supporters:

  • Association of Black Citizens of Lexington

  • D.A.R. Lexington Chapter, Daughters of the American Revolution

  • CAAL Chinese American Association of Lexington

  • CALex 

  • Chamber of Commerce (Lexington)

  • Indian American Association of Lexington

  • KOLex - Korean-American Organization of Lexington 

  • Lexington Arts and Crafts Society

  • Lexington Field and Garden Club

  • Lexington Historical Society​

  • LexPride

  • Lextinas

  • Merriam Hill Association

  • Lexington Minutemen

  • New England Sculptors Association

  • Pilgrim Church Council


LexSeeHer selected sculptor Meredith Bergmann for the project in November 2021. LexSeeHer President, Jessie Steigerwald, shared, “Meredith Bergmann distinguished herself by proposing an innovative, inclusive concept that beautifully conveys the many interconnected ways Lexington women have advanced liberty.” A preliminary sketch depicted 20 women and girls in the design, highlighting a wide variety of women's contributions across the town's 300+ year history.

LexSeeHer advocated to site the monument on the Visitors Center lawn. It will be located within historic Lexington, alongside Massachusetts Avenue and near the following landmarks: Buckman Tavern, the Lexington Battle Green, Cary Memorial Library, the Visitors Center and the Minuteman Bikeway.

From Meredith Bergmann:

“I’m thrilled— it’s such an honor to have been selected to work with the remarkable women of LexSeeHer on this celebration of the history of the bold women of Lexington. I am grateful that LexSeeHer chose my design, and I look forward to working with the community.”

Photo credit: Michael Bergmann

1.5.22 LexSeeHer Margaret Caroline side A to J .jpg

Amber Iqbal, Nominations Subcommittee Member and Steering Committee member, commented, "I love this design and the diversity of the women chosen. Meredith portrays each of the historical women elegantly, showing both their struggles and triumphs." Learn more about the women.

Why a monument? “As the ‘Birthplace of American Liberty’, Lexington offers a wealth of history about men’s courageous acts,” observed Michelle Tran, LexSeeHer's Secretary and Steering Committee Founder.


MarthaLeticia Valencia, co-chair of the Events Team, shared, "Meredith's preliminary sketch depicts many of the women who have contributed to the history of Lexington."

1.5.22 LexSeeHer Persist Anna side 1 to 10.jpg

“Meredith’s commitment to social justice and historical redress through sensitively conceived public art is exactly what we are looking for,” commented Betty Gau, LexSeeHer Steering Committee member. “We are thrilled to work with her on this exciting project for Lexington and women everywhere.”

The work recognizes that “liberty” means different things to different people: Freedom from British tyranny, enslavement, and gender norms, for example. And freedom to live our authentic lives and pursue our passions.

Visit for examples of Ms. Bergmann's work.

LexSeeHer Monument Timeline

Milestones in government approval process:

  • 3/8/20: LexSeeHer launched with proposal for a privately funded monument to women in a highly visible and accessible location.

  • Summer 2020: Gathered signatures for Citizens Petition for Fall 2020 Special Town Meeting

  • Fall 2020: Brought Article 7 to Town Meeting

  • Nov. '20 - Jan '21 Pursued Plan A to locate a monument outside Cary Library

  • Feb. '21 - April '21: Developed Plan B to locate a monument on Visitors Center lawn

  • Spring -Summer 2021: Call to Artists, Founders Campaign

  • 12/28/21: Commission on Disability voted unanimously in support of proposed monument, plaza and site

  • 1/22: Monuments & Memorials Committee voted in support of budget threshold of 90%.

  • 2/3/22: Center Committee voted unanimously in support of proposed monument.

  • 2/10/22: Historic Districts Commission voted in favor of Certificate of Appropriateness with request for follow-up on specific issue, including axial rotation.

  • 2/14/22: LexSeeHer and HDC liaison held site visit to review axial rotation.

  • 3/1/22: LexSeeHer provided presentation at Council for the Arts.

  • 3/31/22: Tourism Committee votes in support of monument but opposes sitting at "Site 15".

  • 4/7/22: Monuments & Memorials Committee takes two votes (a) in support of monument (b) not in favor of Site 15. Chair suggests LexSeeHer find "less offensive" site.

  • April - May  Site Visits
    Gathering input on possible alternate sites.

  • May / June: Requested opportunity to present to Select Board with monument at Site 15. Feedback from community stakeholders indicated there is widespread support for Site 15, and that alternate site have drawbacks (and less support).

  • July 25, 2022: Select Board voted unanimously in support of LexSeeHer proposal

2022 Banners Image.jpg

1769 Spinning Tableau: 45 Women bring history to light 

Umbrellas Panorama IMG_3411.jpg

LexSeeHer honors the 45 courageous women who defiantly protested unjust British taxation on the colony.

LexSeeHer has formally launched our fundraising campaign. We are thankful to the 400+ people who joined as ​Monument Founders. Each gift is helping make women visible:

  • 2021 Self-Guided Women's History Trail - Explore "In Her Shoes"

  • 2021 & 2022 Visibility Banners in Lexington Center in partnership with Girl Scout Troop 66265

  • 2023 Permanent monument in Lexington Center to honor women and women's contributions to Lexington & to America

  • 2023 "Firsts" plaque will memorialize women in Lexington who were the first to serve in a variety of roles as elected officials and leaders

  • Ongoing LexSeeHer Speaker Series amplifies the significant accomplishments of women 

Details can be found on our Donors page, and contributions may be made online or by check. Our partnership with Lexington Historical Society launched on Patriots' Day 2021. Lexington Historical Society is a 501 (c)(3) non-profit organization and contributions are tax deductible to the extent provided by law.


LexSeeHer QUILT 

Founders Digital Quilt 
Making more women visible!

Vistaprint Postcard Quilt FILE SMALL.png

LexSeeHer Teams​​​

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All teams welcome new volunteers: Communication Team meets Monday afternoon

  • Communication Team

  • Research Team

  • Events Team 

Tableau Vivant 

45 courageous women took part in the
1769 Spinning Bee Tableau 
August 27, 2022

See the 2021 Spinning Tableau

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Enjoy our expanding self-guided tour! Learn more about the women's history hidden in plain site as you discover the wonderful contributions women have made in Lexington. From educational pioneers who attended the Normal School, to abolitionists and suffragists, women's stories are waiting for you!

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