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This page has been archived as of October 29, 2021, the day LexSeeHer announced Meredith Bergmann as the winner of our Call to Artists challenge.

The page helps provide context for our open process in finding an artist to lead the design for Lexington's new monument. We appreciate the excellence of the artists who submitted qualifications and proposals. There are many talented artists ready to help build contemporary monuments and we encourage people to use an open call if they are considering a project for their community.

---- Sincerely, the LexSeeHer Steering Committee

"Something Must Be Done!"

Help build Lexington's first monument to women! LexSeeHer is excited to share our Call to Artists.  

All the details can be found in the open call: LexSeeHer Call to Artists.

     Answers to questions related to the Call for Artists are below.


The LexSeeHer Steering Committee is working to provide helpful resources to support artists interested in designing a monument to honor contributions women have made to Lexington and beyond.


  • Take a two minute video tour of the preferred site: Video One   

  • See it from another perspective: Video Two

Send questions to

What is the preferred site for the work?

Preferred site is on area of open lawn near Massachusetts Avenue.
This area is highly visible and accessible for residents and visitors.

LexSeeHer Preferred Site spring IMG_7176
Preferred Monument Site 2 IMG_7166.JPG
IMG_7167 2.JPG

Answers to questions related to the Call for Artists:

May 23: If I mail my application, must I also submit an online form?

If you mail an application, you do not need to submit an online form. It is helpful to email us at so we know that you have mailed an applicaiton. We know that mail is still impacted for some people, and want to keep an eye out for any mailed work.

May 23: If I mail images, is a CD preferred? or a memory card?

If you mail images, the best format would be an SD card  (including SDHC or SDXC ).
If you are not able to use an SD card, please email us at to make arrangements so that we can coordinate a format in which we will be prepared to access your images. 

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