The LexSeeHer Steering Committee has undertaken the initiative to establish a monument to honor the contributions women have made to Lexington across time.

This effort kicked off March 8, 2020 as part of the celebration of International Women's Day.  The global pandemic put the project on pause - briefly - but the Steering Committee gathered sufficient signatures for a Citizens' Petition to Special Town Meeting in fall 2020. Town Meeting voted overwhelmingly in support of the initiative by a vote of 165 - 3.  

In December, we ask community members to reflect and remember the ways that women have contributed, and to share ideas with us.

Our Steering Committee has been inspired by the remarkable women who are included in the Lexington Historical Society's exhibit "Bold Women of Lexington."

Additional research to uncover unsung women has taken place through our guest Speaker Series, where we have invited historians and researchers to share their ideas. We have also reached out to regional groups that document history related to Lexington. For example, Freedom's Way.  

To make sure we leave no stones unturned, we invite anyone who is a current or former Lexingtonian, or anyone with ties to the community, to share their ideas with us.  If you know of a woman whose contributions to Lexington (or our region or country) have been unrecognized, please let us know.  We have different means of making women more visible, including our proposed Women's History Trail, the Street Banners project being organized by Girl Scouts, and our permanent monument. Other ways to make women more visible include public art, plaques, and more.

While we can't promise to include every woman we learn about, it is important to us to invite community members to share their ideas. We will also share the information we learn with the Lexington Historical Society. Please make sure to submit all entries by January 9, 2021.