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The LexSeeHer Steering Committee is working to make women's contributions to Lexington visible. 

We invite you to join us as we explore monuments, Lexington women, and other visibility projects. 

Speaker Series: 1

August 26, 2020


On Women's Equality Day, Maria Moxon kicked off our Speaker Series with a presentation on the monuments in New York City's Central Park with the first photos of the Women's Rights' Pioneers monument which was unveiled that same morning!

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Speaker Series: 1

August 26, 2020


On Women's Equality Day, Stacey Fraser kicked off our Speaker Series with a presentation on the new Bold Women of Lexington exhibit at the Lexington Historical Society. The exhibit was launched on March 8, 2020 - International Women's Day.

Speaker Series: 2

September 17, 2020


Namita Luthra joined us from Monumental Women to share her experiences helping to establish the Women’s Rights Pioneers monument in Central Park. This new monument was unveiled on Women's Equality Day 2020.

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Speaker Series: 3

October 6, 2020



Kathy Jacob is the Curator of Manuscripts at the Schlesinger Library on the History of Women in America, and has special expertise on the history of monuments. She will speak on the importance of monuments. Kathy is also the author of: Testament to Union: Civil War Monuments in Washington, D.C.

Speaker Series: 3

October 6, 2020



Emily Murphy is the Curator for Salem Maritime and Saugus Ironworks National Historic Sites. She contributed research to the Lexington Historical Society's current exhibit "Bold Women of Lexington" and will speak about the historical significance of the Spinning Match held by 45 women in Lexington as a protest in 1769.

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Speaker Series: 4

November 6, 2020



Mary Keenan is an author and historian with a close eye on Lexington. LexSeeHer is delighted to welcome Ms. Keenan, the author of In Haste, Julia: 1819-1900: Julia Robbins Barrett, Abolitionist, Artist, Suffragist.


Keenan spoke to LexSeeHer about women during the 1800s, and helped us gain perspective on women's contributions to an important century. During the 1800s women contributed to the Lexington community and made an impact on major movements of their times, as abolitionists and suffragists.

NOTE: This meeting was not recorded at the request of our guest.

Speaker Series: 5

February 15, 2021



Elisa Adams, President of the New England Sculpture Association (NESA), joined us for a presentation on the new Burlington Sculpture Park.

Learn more about the process Burlington used to create a sculpture park, or outdoor museum. Find out how they involved school students in the selection process. 


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Speaker Series: 6

February 22, 2021



Speaker Series: 7

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