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Nominate A Woman!

Thank you to everyone who nominated a terrific woman!  Our nominating subcommittee will be reviewing each and every nomination. If anyone subsequently learns of another woman whose work should be made more visible, please email us and we will always appreciate learning from you. It may be too late to incorporate in the monument, but we have different projects in the works to make women visible, and your ideas will help us carry on with this work.  Our email:

This is the information we had up during the 5 month open period for nominations, which concluded on Sunday February 28, 2021 at midnight.


The LexSeeHer Steering Committee sees an opportunity to spotlight many women as we work to establish a Lexington monument. We envision a figural monument, with an additional empty pedestal that will allow visitors to engage with the piece. We plan to include an inscription on the pedestal, and will include names of women featured in the Bold Women of Lexington exhibit at Buckman Tavern. We are including a special space for a community-nominated woman and invite you to nominate someone you think is worthy of being celebrated.

Deadline extended: February 26, 2021 at midnight.

Submit to:

Extra final extension to Sunday February 28th, 2021 at midnight.

If you email, each submission should include:

  1. Your full name

  2. Your address, your email, your telephone number.

  3. The full name of the woman you are nominating.

  4. Basic biographical information about the woman (year born, year died, location where the woman lived, worked, or helped contribute to Lexington).

  5. The contribution(s) made by your nominee.

  6. The reason you believe the Steering Committee should select your nominee's name for inclusion in a permanent monument.

  7. If you have one: a photograph, drawing, or other visual suggestion that depicts the woman you are nominating

Note: Select submissions may be featured on our facebook page. By submitting, you give permission for us to post your entry in public on Facebook or on the website. Minors should have permission from their parent or guardian, or indicate if they do not want their name published.

The Nominations Subcommittee will review all submissions and select 5 (or more) for inclusion on our website. The full Steering Committee will select one name for inclusion in the permanent monument. 


A person who submits a winning idea will receive a limited edition unveiling sash (and if necessary, mask!) at the monument's unveiling, and will be recognized in the ceremony. 

In additional, all entries will be considered for possible inclusion in the 2021 or future street banner projects, or other public art initiatives, our Facebook page, and/or the women's walk. 

For questions: email

Nominations Sub-Committee:

Amber Iqbal, Michelle Tran, Lauren Kennedy.


We began community outreach March 8, 2020, on International Women's Day and have continued advancing our goal of establishing a Lexington monument to recognize the contributions made by women across time. In addition to a monument, which takes time, we are supporting other ways to make women more visible, including street banners for Women's Equality Day, August 26, 2021, public art, and other projects.


We have been inspired by the remarkable women who are included in the Lexington Historical Society's exhibit "Bold Women of Lexington" as well as special women celebrated by Freedom's Way, and women whose stories we have heard through our free Speaker Series which is open to the public (via zoom).

We encourage interested people to visit both of these sites, and to view the recordings on our site to learn more about women we have already reviewed and have taken into consideration for a monument. In addition, historian Mary Keenan shared important women in her November talk. There are many women whose accomplishments and life's work are worthy of being placed on a pedestal, and while we envision a monument that features women's figures, we do not plan to have more than three figures, and we have considered the collective set of women referenced above as our nominees to be featured in the monument.

Some of the women who have been researched and currently proposed as figures are: Margaret (possible last name "Tulip"), Anna Harrington & Maria Hastings Cary. Learn more about the whole list on our Facebook page and share your feedback!

Nominate by either sending an email or using our google form: 
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