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Thank you Town Meeting Members!

On October 20, 2020 Lexington Town Meeting members voted (almost unanimously!) to approve Article 7 and support the establishment of a monument to honor the contributions women have made to Lexington.

> Read all about it in the Lexington Minuteman


> Make a pledge to show you will help support the cost of bringing public art to Lexington

> Submit your ideas for a monument

> Volunteer to help

> Share photos of your favorite statues


Send in your ideas

We'd love to hear thoughts from community members or visitors who support the idea of making women visible in Lexington, MA!

Tell us about your favorite monuments!

Email us your ideas or drawings!

If you are under 18, permission is required for us to add your ideas to the gallery page.


It's time to see women

in Lexington, MA

A note from the Steering Committee:  Let's collaborate to make women visible in the built environment in Lexington, MA. Known across the globe as the birthplace of American liberty, it is time for Lexington to make visible the many ways that women have contributed throughout time. 

Join us in this exciting community initiative to make sure that as residents and visitors walk around town, they see evidence in the built environment that women were important here in Lexington. All women! This is an intersectional opportunity. We are not limited to selecting one woman to represent all that women have contributed to help our community thrive. We can honor women of different ages, races, religions, orientations, and brainstorm creative ways to be inclusive.

2020 is the U.S. Suffrage Centennial, a reminder that just 100 years ago the United States Constitution did not recognize any woman's right to vote.  From the suffragists' 70+ year effort to secure the constitutional right to vote through passage of the 19th amendment, to the women who were civil rights activists fighting to secure the right for Black women and men to vote through the Voting Rights Act of 1965, to the women fighting today for secure suffrage, equal pay for equal work, gender equity and reproductive justice, women have contributed locally, at the state level, nationally and globally.  The work toward equity continues.

There are many ways to increase visibility of women: monuments, markers, plaques, sculptures, public art, enhanced technology at existing monuments. Together, we will identify possibilities and help secure a public-private partnership to fund this initiative. 

By August 26, 2021, we look forward to seeing improved visibility, and expect the work will continue so that on each annual celebration of Women's Equality Day, there will be more to celebrate.

Below you will see some of the milestones we will strive to reach along our collaborative journey!  Explore this website for ways to get involved!

Many ways to get involved!

> Sign the petition that will be shared with town leaders to show your support

> Make a pledge to show you will help support the cost of bringing public art to Lexington

> Submit your ideas for a monument

> Volunteer to help

> Share photos of your favorite statues

Invitation to participate:  Pledge Petition Persist!


Marble Surface

Winter 2021


Design & Permitting

Marble Surface

Spring 2021

Celebration of International Women's Day

Introductory trail event!

Marble Surface

May/June 2021

Project implementation

Further brainstorming

Marble Surface

June/July 2021

Project implementation & furthr brainstorming!

Marble Surface

August 26, 2021

Women's Equality Day

Save the date!

Marble Surface

March 8, 2020


Screen Shot 2020-09-15 at 8.13.21 PM.png

Girl Scouts helped kick off at Depot!

Marble Surface

August 20, 2020

Submit Papers for Citizens' Article


Papers submitted to Town Clerk's office!

Marble Surface

August 26, 2020

Women's Equality Day

Screen Shot 2020-10-06 at 3.56.50 PM.png

Signatures certified!
Speaker  series begins.

Marble Surface

Fall 2020


Selection of First Collaborative 


LexSeeHer Group photo.png


Women's history trail

Street banners + more!

Marble Surface

Fall Special Town Meeting 2020

Citizens' Article

View the motion that will come under Article 7 in the Fall speical Town Meeting

View the presentation video

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