Letters from the Steering committee

March 2021

From the Steering Committee:

Thank you to Michelle Browder for sharing her work on a new monument to honor the Mothers of Gynecology in Montgomery, Alabama. If you were not able to join the virtual tour, you can learn more about the virtual tours and the new monument at www.anarchalucybetsey.org


We thank the many people who shared nominations for women who have made contributions to Lexington! This has been a 5 month process, open to all. We extended the "due date" three times, to allow as much participation as possible, and appreciate everyone who took time to share their ideas. Our subcommittee is at work reviewing each and every nomination. Today we can share that nominations were received from people of all ages, and cover women across three centuries!


Known across the globe as the birthplace of American liberty, it is time for Lexington to make visible the many women who have contributed throughout time. 

Join us in this exciting community initiative to make sure that as residents and visitors walk around town, they see evidence in the built environment that women were - and still are - important here in Lexington. All women! This is an intersectional opportunity. We are not limited to selecting one woman to represent all that women have contributed to help our community thrive. We can honor women of different ages, races, religions, orientations, and brainstorm creative ways to be inclusive.

International Women's Day, March 8th, will mark the first anniversary of LexSeeHer. Throughout the month we have special events planned and look forward to seeing you (via zoom!) as we continue our work to make women visible, and to bring a new monument to Lexington!

Please take a closer look at the CVS windows on Massachusetts Avenue. There you will find a wonderful timeline filled with important contributions made by Lexington women, especially with respect to women's suffrage!

Below you will see some of the milestones we reach as we work together!  Explore this website for ways to get involved, and join us!