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Sylvia Ferrell-Jones


Sylvia Ferrell-Jones built a career advocating for gender and

racial equality. Sylvia graduated from Yale School of Law and

went on to work throughout her professional career in the

non-profit arena. Sylvia shared, “advancing women and racial

equity simultaneously is of utmost importance.” Sylvia was

awarded the Race Amity Medal of Honor for her work to

advance racial justice and gender equity.




November 29, 2017 (60 years old)



Husband, Sal


Lauren (daughter), Evan (son)

Places Lived:

Connection to Lexington:

Lived in Lexington; Member of Pilgrim Church; sang in the choir


Book Titles:



BA- Cornell University, JD- Yale Law School

President and CEO- YW Boston


"Looking back at everything we have done together, I can see how far we have come and I rejoice at all of the progress made in our struggle to bring peace, justice and freedom for all. It means a great deal to me to have been at the helm of this community, pushing back on injustice and holding systems accountable for evolving laws and practices that exclude or punish people who do not fit neatly into oppressive societal molds."

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Additional Info:

Sylvia currently serves on the board of directors for United Church Funds; Andover Newton Theological School; and the Wellesley Centers for Women, and sits on an advisory board for Greater Boston Chamber of Commerce Women’s Network, and the corporate advisory board for Women of ALPFA (Association of Latino Professionals in Finance and Accounting). Prior to joining YW Boston in 2007, Ferrell-Jones spent 25 years in real estate finance and nonprofit leadership, including stints as a director at AEW Capital Management of Boston and as a director of agency development for Big Brothers Big Sisters of America, where her professional biography says she provided governance, management and fundraising consultations to a $26 million not-for-profit affiliate portfolio.

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- Meredith Bergmann
Sylvia Ferrell-Jones
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